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The financial literacy workshop is offered during the 4 day annual change the game youth program. This unique workshop was developed to expand the knowledge of our youth towards financial responsibility. Through activities & speakers this workshop is fostered at helping our youth understand key financial concepts and information that they can carry throughout their lifetime. 



Change the Game Has developed a unique program to expand the knowledge of our youth towards financial responsibility. This program is designed to prepare our youth for a secure financial future by helping them understand basic financial concepts such as:

  • The importance of saving

  • Basic banking services

  • Developing a budget

  • The importance of establishing and monitoring credit

  • Avoid accumulating debt



This program empowers our youth to make a difference in the community. Our youth will learn leadership skills, selflessness, and the significance of being involved in the community. This program was also designed to foster a life changing experience and for our youth to build meaningful relationships.


Service projects for this program includes

  • Volunteering at shelters

  • Restoring local parks

  • Oganizing can and food drives

  • Beach Clean-up

  • Annual Volunteering Events (Change the Game's annual Easter Egg Hunt, Goodie Bag & Blanket Give Away)

  • Entrepreneurial & Leadership Workshop


Our youth can volunteer to participate in any of the yearly service projects and will receive a certificate of completion for volunteer hours. 

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