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Change the Game was established in 2013 by a small business entrepreneur who saw the need for more young entrepreneurs in his community. With this, Donald Penegar decided to create a non-profit program tailored to introduce inner city youth to the fundamentals of living a well-balanced and financially stable life.  He and his team reaches out to professional entertainers, financial consultants, business owners, and teachers who were all raised in low income communities.  These game changers are the personification of the program’s mission and have agreed to donate their time to help inspire our youth to CHANGE THE GAME.



Our mission is to develop a generation of financially stable and independent youth. To foster stronger families and communities by providing programs that maximizes the potential of our youth and equip them with essential tools that they can utilize throughout their lifetime. 



Our vision is to transform communities by developing youth in financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills, and community service actions.



  • To provide youth with opportunities for success

  • To offer useful tools that will allow our youth to compete with youth from privileged communities in professional settings such as college, and corporate America

  • To introduce our youth to the world outside of their communities

  • To teach youth how to set and achieve their goals and dreams

  • To equip our youth with the essentials to become business owners and well-rounded members of society

  • To ensure that our youth will be “game changers” and not succumb to negative influences of their environments



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